Task: Buy a bespoke bra

My shortest and most succesful shopping trip.  Successful based on the criteria of time spent, money spent, intensity of cash-desk adrenaline rush, intensity and duration of buyer’s remorse, desire to wear immediately, and price per wear. Not quite bespoke but the next best thing.  … Continue reading

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Task: Total Wipeout

Total Wipe Out? Total Wimp Out I’m afraid.  Massive fail.  Sorry, Milo. Milo is my nephew and suggested this task for me.  I’d never heard of Total Wipeout but responded enthusiastically anyway.  ‘Ooh sounds brilliant – what is it?’ I chirruped.  ‘Look on YouTube’ he … Continue reading

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Task: Fabulous hair cut

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From my exhaustive research (gossiping with mates, reading articles, dating),  there are some vital differences between men and women.  Men, for example, always have got pockets. Women, for example, believe in the transformative power of clothes and haircuts and are therefore happy to spend … Continue reading

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Task: Meet one of your heroes

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I’ve written fan letters to some of my heroes, but I haven’t met them.  If I did, I would go to pieces, speak Esperanto, and detail to them their own successes as they search anxiously for the exit.  I know … Continue reading

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Task: Eat something you’ve never eaten before

I was apprehensive about this task.  I fear I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to food.  I’m not very experimental but I am deeply interested.  My last meal on earth would be roast chicken, with peas, roast potatoes, bread sauce and gravy.  Perfection.  But I’ve always … Continue reading

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Task: Do an anonymous good deed

There’s an obvious problem with doing an anonymous good deed and then posting it here.  I find those slebs telling magazines that, well, yes,  they do donate significantly to charity, but honestly, they don’t like to talk about it, slightly on the annoying side of wonderful. My mitigating … Continue reading

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Task: Visit the Arctic Circle

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‘So…do they respond to voice commands?’ an American woman asks, eyeing the tethered reindeer currently ignoring us.   ‘No’ Nils, our guide responds cheerfully, ‘they’re wild animals’. Right.  I’m with two couples for a three day reindeer sledding adventure at the Nutti Sámi Siida yard in the … Continue reading

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