Task: Follow Someone for a Day

This task was suggested by someone who’s first idea was ‘Pick up the shattered pieces of your broken life and learn to laugh again’.  When I pressed him for another he said, ‘Follow someone for a day’.

So I tried.  I sloped round shopping centres, looking shifty.  I sauntered the length of Kensington High Street.  I found my target.  Several times.  But I couldn’t do it.  It’s creepy.

And to be honest, I already invade other people’s space.  Happily so. You can’t help it if you live in a city.  Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, someone else can see you.  So I can (and do) see into neighbours’ bathrooms, bedrooms and gardens from my flat.  I’m a nosey parker.  And I feel I’m being stalked in return; I can’t buy anything, or even look at anything online without somebody somewhere making a note of it and then stalking me with that information.

It felt even more invasive to be doing it in real time, with no curtains, or computer screen to hide behind.  So I have failed this task.

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