Task: Eat something you’ve never eaten before

I was apprehensive about this task.  I fear I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to food.  I’m not very experimental but I am deeply interested.  My last meal on earth would be roast chicken, with peas, roast potatoes, bread sauce and gravy.  Perfection.  But I’ve always wimped out of ‘nose to tail’ eating, which involves eating every part possible of an animal.  I’ve never tried bone marrow, which I’ve seen on a menu, with one of its ‘selling points’ being that it’s presented in situ, in actual bone.  Sounds about as appealing as sliced labrador puppy ears served with a coulis of Marlboro reds blended with a homeless man’s toenails.

However, I recently visited the Arctic Circle (as per my task written about here).  Obviously when the temperature reaches -50, and the land is covered with snow, and the lakes are so deeply frozen that cars are safety tested on them, you don’t get many vegetable gardens.  So it’s meat or bust.  I’m very surprised to say that I’ve eaten elk carpaccio.  Really! And reindeer jerky.  Oh, and a nice moose steak.  Elk was a bit tacky to the touch, reindeer jerky (like all jerky) could have re-soled my shoes.  And the moose?  So meaty and so macho it could challenge Russell Crowe to a bare knuckle fight.  Tasty.

My trip to the Arctic Circle was organised by Nature Travels Ltd. Phone: 01929 503080  www.naturetravels.co.uk

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