Task: plant a tree

This task was suggested by a friend who had also canvassed her children; her small boy suggested shark baiting, where you stand in a cage below the sea’s surface, holding raw meat and watch the sharks go beserk ramming into the bars of your cage.  I notice that most kids I’ve asked for tasks have kept to gender typical lines.  Young girls have suggested things like having a big French kiss under the Eiffel Tower or riding a horse along a beach at dawn.  Young boys have suggested eating Japanese blowfish (it will kill you if it’s not cooked properly) or climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge.  My nephew suggested doing Total Wipeout and when I looked blank, he directed me to YouTube.  I realised it was that bonkers televised competition where people in elbow pads, helmets and skin tight all in one gym kit try to knock each other off enormous beach balls using giant cotton buds.

So I was very pleased to take up the challenge to plant a tree.  Here’s my sweet little apple tree.

You’ll see from the angle of the pic that it looks like it’s covered in verdant foilage.  It’s not, it’s entirely leafless and looks like a collection of dry twigs.  Though it seems to already be on its last legs, I’m assured that all will be well come Spring.

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