Task: deliver some home truths

I’m always very happy to deliver my unsolicited advice and half-baked ideas to absolutely anyone, but I’ve yet to discover how to confront someone in a non-confrontational way.

My first home truth that I delivered, typically unasked for, was to the person who suggested this task.  KB is a fabulous woman; generous, self-deprecating, interested and funny.  She has one child, and looks after her full time.  And regularly mocks herself for this, as though she’s letting the sisterhood down because she doesn’t also have a career, as though she’s doing it wrong (I know another mother who does have a thriving career who also feels she’s letting some imaginery club down).  So I gave her a home truth: she’s doing a fabulous job, she’s keeping everything on track and keeping everyone happy and she is being successful.  She didn’t believe me, but did concede that if she really is in effect CEO of a small business, she would immediately award herself more holiday and give everyone a verbal warning. 

I have many many more home truths up my sleeve but no willing recipients as yet. 


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