Task: Break a habit

Shoes Part I: Noel Gallagher recently said ‘All I’m worried about is that I’m fast approaching the age when I can’t get away with wearing trainers’.  He’ll be 45 on his next birthday.  This is the wake-up call I’ve been waiting for.  I’ve worn Converse almost daily, all seasons.  It brings the price per wear (classic index) down to about 0.00000001p.  But enough.  Over the summer, I broke the One Star habit surprisingly easily with these cream Alberta Feretti flats,

these Prada mini wedges

and these orange Marni geisha platforms

Now, it’s winter, and I’ve substituted trainers for Belstaff boots instead. Not that difficult at all.
Shoes Part II: I, insanely, wore these red shoes to a wedding. hell on heels courtesy of Kurt Geiger.

It felt like walking on point; cobbled pavements and unexpected drain grates were a death trap, a small bridge over a river to the chapel was about as easy as walking down a ladder frontwards.  So I’m breaking the ridiculous shoes habit.  These red spikes are now about as welcome in my wardrobe as Imogen Thomas at the Giggs family Christmas.  So too these Alexander McQueens (that toe is every bit as unnatural and uncomfortable as it looks).Worse, the angle of the pic (yeah right) gives me cankles.

Habit broken.  Gap in wardrobe revealed.  Shopping trip planned.

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