Task: Keep an Appreciation Journal

I’m over-ruling my default defence of cynicism/sarcasm on this and just doing it. 

1 I love how my dearest Mum has learnt to text.  Originally, her texts were quite formal, ‘Dear Kate, thank you for your text’ sort of thing, much as her phone messages used to end, ‘and that’s the end of the message’, but they’re much more informal now.  Mum loves new gadgets and technology; Dad, less so.  When I explained that we could still email each other during my upcoming trip to Argentina, Dad said, ‘Oh, are you taking an email with you?’.   

2. I love sitting in an almost empty cinema, with stacks of snacks, watching trailers for great films, ahead of the film I already know I’m going to love.  I love it best in the middle of the afternoon when everyone else is at work and I’m essentially bunking off.

3.  I love the sounds of nature; the gentle swoosh of leaves on trees; the reliable rhythm of the sea breaking on the beach. 

4. I love seeing a picture of the boy who broke my heart.  I thought I’d never get over it, and it did take a l-o-n-g time.  But when I saw his photo, I felt nothing; no love, no hate, no indifference.  He looked like a stranger.  Oh, I only saw his picture because I discovered he’d put naked photos of me on his facebook page. 

6. I love the profound peace I got from stroking our family black labrador’s velvet ears, laying them out across my legs, as she gazed adoringly up at me.  I really miss her.

7.  I love it when a friend starts a conversation with, ‘You will not be-LIEVE what’s just happened’ and knowing I’m in for a full hour of gossip.

10. I love driving through London and getting three green lights in a row (this covers about 400 yards). 

11.  I love it when my luggage is first off the airport carousel.

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